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Early Childhood Education

Our Jewish preschool in Olney, Maryland offers

2-, 3- and 5-day programs with a full day option and is open to all.

School Calender 2013-2014

Children "fishing" outside our Olney preschool

An Olney preschool designed with your child in mind

Welcome to Gates of Discovery:  The Rose and George Teller Preschool of Shaare Tefila! Our Olney preschool classes are structured to assist families with different educational and childcare needs.  We welcome all to join us with the common goal of helping our children develop to the best of their abilities.

The four core values of our Olney preschool

1. Children are naturally capable and should be active participants in their learning. At our unique preschool in Olney, we encourage our children to explore concepts and hypotheses in multiple forms such as print, art, construction and drama.  They are reviewed again and again to add new insights.  Equally important is having the opportunity to study subjects that are meaningful and relevant to their life and interests.  Student interests are revealed through dialogue during which students generate ideas and set learning goals. Teachers at our Olney preschool carefully listen, observe, and document the children’s work and the growth of community in their classroom.

2. The learning environment is rich with possibilities and linked with nature. The environment of the school can be seen as the third educator, after the teacher and the parent.  Teachers at our Olney preschool organize environments rich in possibilities, inviting the children to undertake extended exploration and problem solving, often in small groups, where cooperation and disputation mingle pleasurably. Children’s work, plants, and collections from outings are displayed throughout the space.

3. Learning is a collaboration of child, teacher, parent and families. A child’s education can be viewed as a system of relationships. The environment of the school fosters and nurtures these relationships by providing opportunities in which children and adults become partners in learning. We view parents as a child’s first teacher and an essential resource for their child’s learning.

The interactions among children, families, and teachers are central to the learning process, serving to deepen the children’s understanding of the world in which they live. To foster community we host a variety of events throughout each school year for parents and families as a whole.

4. Education is most meaningful when grounded in the child’s culture and heritage. Our school takes pride in its identity as a Jewish preschool. A foundation of that identity is recognizing the value of the diversity within our community. We seek to build understanding and see the basic similarities of all people, yet appreciate their differences.

We believe that children’s learning is given roots by placing it in the context of our shared history. The customs and traditions we observe add a framework of values that guide our interactions among ourselves and with the greater community. Our practices link our faith to everyday living; our values are the fabric of our school’s culture.

To learn more about our programming or schedule a private tour, contact Beth Adler, Director, at badler@shaaretefila.org or 301-593-3410 ext. 105.

Please download these files to register your children for Fall 2013 and for more information about our program.

Registration Form 2013-2014 School Year
Tuition Worksheet 2013-2014 School Year
Health Inventory Form 2013-14
Picture Release Form 2013-14
Medication Form 2013-14
Lotion and Ointment Form 2013-14
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