5779 High Holiday Information

5779 High Holiday Information

Join us for High Holidays Services!

We look forward to sharing High Holiday services with you!

Service Times and Dates

Rosh Hashanah

First Night ServicesSunday, September 9, 6:00 pm
First Day ServicesMonday, September 10: 8:30 am
Second Night ServicesMonday, September 10:  6:00 pm
Second Day ServicesTuesday, September 11: 8:30 am
Second Night ServiceTuesday, September 11: 7:00 pm (note late time because of nightfall)
TashlichSunday, September 16: 10:00 am at Lake Needwood with Program, service, and lunch

Yom Kippur

Kol NidreTuesday, September 18:  6:45 pm
Morning ServicesWednesday, September 19:  9 am (Yizkor approx. 11:30 am)
Study SessionWednesday, September 19: 4:15 pm-5:15 pm
MinchaWednesday, September 19: 5:15 pm
ShofarWednesday, September 19: 7:53 pm


First night of Sukkot ServicesSunday, September 23: 6:00 pm
First Day of Sukkot ServicesMonday, September 24: 9:00 am
Second Day Sukkot ServicesMonday, September 24: 6:00 pm
Tuesday, September 25: 9:00 am
Tuesday, September 25: No Evening Service
Hoshanah Rabah
Shemini Atzeret Night Service
Sunday, September 30: 8:00 am (note early time)
Sunday, September 30: 6:00 pm
Shemini Atzeret Day ServicesMonday, October 1: 9:00 am (Yizkor approx. 11:00 am)
Simchat Torah Night Service
Simchat Torah Day Service
Monday, October 1: 6:00 pm
Tuesday, October 2: 9:00 am

To help make everyone’s High Holiday experience more enjoyable:

  • Seating is “open seating” with some of the aisle seats reserved for those with physical conditions requiring them to sit on the aisle.  We ask all our participants to be respectful of those seats during the High Holiday services.
  • Parking:
    • We have 100 spaces on our property – If walking is easy for you, PLEASE consider leaving these spaces for those needing handicapped or closer spaces.
    • Street parking – We can park on the street (access road). The police department recommends we park ONLY on the far (east) side of the access road. They also recommend we drive to the end of the access road, turn around in the circle, and then park. This allows for easy egress when you leave and sufficient space for emergency vehicles to get down the road. Many cars can park on the street.
    • Parking at Olney Manor – We have permission to park at Olney Manor (other side of Georgia Avenue) but NOT IN FRONT OF THE POOL BUILDING.  Please use the cross walks to more safely cross Georgia Avenue.