Schedule of Services

Shaare Tefila Congregation is egalitarian – men and women equally participate in leading services, receiving honors at the Torah, and even reciting the priestly blessing (“duchaning”) on the holidays.

We use Siddur Lev Shalem – the newest prayer book of the Conservative Movement – for Shabbat services. Our main service is conducted in Hebrew with active congregational participation; members of the congregation participate in reading the entire weekly Torah portion; and Torah study (whether before and/or after the Shabbat morning service) is an integral part of our service.

Jewish prayer is challenging yet uplifting. In order for all to experience religious fulfillment we periodically offer creative services on Shabbat morning highlighting different forms of Jewish spirituality. We also encourage everyone to study the service and the Torah reading with the English translations and commentary that are available and we encourage attending classes taught by Rabbi Layman to better understand the liturgy.

(Please be sure to check congregation publications and calendar for occasional time changes.)


Friday Evening 6 pm
Saturday Morning 9:30 am – Service*

* Sometimes the service starts at 9 am (e.g. when we celebrate a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, if it’s a holiday) – please check the calendar page for the specific date and time.

Shabbat Shira 2019-20, led by Cantor Adina Ackerman, November 9, January 25, March 14 & May 23 – 10:15 am This service includes an interactive and participatory program of Shabbat and liturgical songs and prayers.

Shabbat Limmud 2019-20, October 12, December 14, February 1 & April 4 – 10:15 am This service is designed as a learner’s minyan.

Sign Language interpretation is provided upon request.


Monday & Thursday Mornings 8:00 am (8:45 am on Federal & School Holidays)
Sunday Mornings 8:45 am
Weekday Evenings 7:30 pm